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Billboard items are screened by the Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Office. Items can only be published if they comply with these Billboard Rules:

  1. Items must be submitted by ANU staff, students or approved affiliates. Item content is the responsibility of the person submitting the item.

  2. Items must be submitted as:
    • Classifieds – products and services for sale, or wanted, within the ANU community.

  3. Classified items must:
    • not be used to conduct a business;
    • not include advertisements to conduct domestic services, including but not limited to, cleaning and gardening;
    • items relating to textbooks must include the code of the course in which the textbook was used as well as title, author and edition number if applicable.

  4. Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Office reserves the right to:
    • limit the number of classified items posted by one individual;
    • edit all submissions;
    • reject any items submitted if they do not comply with these rules, or for any other reason that the University thinks fit.

  5. Items must be submitted at least five business days in advance to allow adequate approval time.

  6. Items must not be linked to commercial sites or advertising material.
    Links to external sites will be approved at the discretion of Communications & External Liaison Office, based on the relevance to the primary material.
    Links to internal sites will only be approved when the site complies with ANU Visual Identify and Website Style Guides.

  7. Item images must be chosen from the Billboard image library or have permission of the copyright owner.

  8. Item content must be plain text, but may include basic HTML formatting for emphasis <strong>, line breaks <br>, and lists <ul> or <li>. Complex tags will be removed.

  9. Items must comply with the Editorial Style Guide.


  • Item images must be chosen from the Billboard image library or have permission of the copyright owner.
  • The Australian National University (ANU) is not involved in the actual transaction between buyer and seller and makes no representations or warranties concerning the quality or legality of the items sold or purchased through this site.
  • ANU takes no responsibility for the outcome of any sale made on this site and is not liable to you for any loss or damage incurred by you arising from your use of the site - whether direct or indirect - or any other loss or damage that may arise.

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