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What can I post on Billboard?

  • ANU staff, students or approved affiliates can post Classifieds. Classifieds can not be used to conduct a business.
  • Refer to the Billboard Rules for more information on what can be posted.

How do I post to Billboard?

  • The display page for Classifieds have a 'submit' link in the top right corner. Select this link, log in with your University ID and your HORUS/ISIS password, and complete the form that appears.

Why hasn't my item appeared yet?

  • All items submitted to Billboard require approval from the Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Office. There will be a delay before your items appear on Billboard.
  • Please submit items at least five working days in advance to allow adequate approval time.

How do I change or remove something I already posted?

  • Log into Billboard, select My Items from the menu and use the pencil icon to edit your post or the rubbish bin to delete. All edited items are removed from Billboard and resubmitted to the Communications and External Liaison Office for approval.

Who has access to my personal details?

  • By submitting items to the Billboard you are giving the University permission to publish the data you have provided to the web.
  • The contact details (email, phone, name) that you provide for readers on Classifieds are available to the general public. This may expose you to extra spam email and potential scams.
  • Personal details, such as your University ID, are not displayed with Billboard items unless you enter such information in the contact details fields. Personal details can be accessed by some staff within the IT Services and the Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Office for system administration and content approval purposes.

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