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The Vice-Chancellor’s Public Lecture Series 2012 - Designing climate policy for a volatile world

Continued economic turmoil globally raises the question of how well the emerging global climate architecture and the current Australian climate policy approach can withstand major global economic disruptions. A well-designed climate regime needs to be resilient to large and unexpected shocks because climate policy must endure indefinitely in order to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. Such shocks include changes in economic growth, technology, energy prices and other factors that drive costs of abatement and emissions and most will occur doing the life of the climate policy. Ideally, the climate regime would not exacerbate macroeconomic shocks, and would possibly buffer them instead, while withstanding defaults by individual members. This lecture will draw on recent research to demonstrate that the usual policies of either cap and trade or a carbon tax work differently under different macroeconomic shocks and both can accentuate economic volatility perhaps even leading to abandonment of the climate regime altogether. An alternative Hybrid Approach can achieve the same outcome for global carbon concentrations but with less economic volatility and therefore greater resilience.

Professor Warwick McKibbin is a non resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC; a Professorial Fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy; and president of McKibbin Software Group. Professor McKibbin was until July 2011 a member of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia. He has worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia, Japanese Ministry of Finance, US Congressional Budget Office and World Bank, and advises governments and corporations globally.

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The Vice-Chancellor’s Public Lecture Series recognises the wealth of ANU talent, and brings it to the local community and beyond.

Speaker/Host: Professor Warwick McKibbin, ANU
Venue: Molonglo Theatre, Level 2, JG Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, ANU
Date: Wednesday, 11 July 2012
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Enquiries: Events on 6125 4144

Professor Warwick McKibbin
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