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Floating ideas upon a wine-dark sea, or why I like to look at broken pots

In showing how a dinos, a huge wine-mixing bowl used in Athenian symposia around 535 BC, ended up in a grave in Cerveteri, Etruria, Professor Mackay will trace the fascinating story of archaic Athens and her trade with the west. Of added interest is that the dinos is signed by one of the most famous of all Athenian potters and painters, Exekias, and has an intriguing dedicatory inscription. The talk will also feature many images of potsherds and detailed photographs of some of the most exquisite paintings from the sixth century BC.

Anne Mackay teaches courses in mythology, Greek art and society, and the art of the Bronze Age Aegean, as well as Greek and Latin literature. Her interests are archaic Athenian pottery and early Greek oral traditional epic (particularly the Homeric poems).

Supper in the ANU Classics Museum (AD Hope Building) will follow, where Friends of the Classics Museum items of merchandise will be on sale. All proceeds help with the acquisition of further items for the Museum.

Speaker/Host: Anne Mackay, University Auckland
Venue: Copland Lecture Theatre (25), Kingsley Street
Date: Thursday, 7 June 2012
Time: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Enquiries: School of Cultural Inquiry on 61253708, Neville Potter

Athenian dinos by Exekias, 6th century BC, courtesy of Anne Mackay
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